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Acupuncture &


Machine, applies the same principles as the age old Chinese therapies of acupuncture and massage without piercing the skin. 

The right products for best results
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SAMM Functions and Features

NEW RESPeRATE natural method for lowering blood pressure - clinically proven, FDA and TGA cleared medical device.

Clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure within 4 to 6 weeks.

Not a drug and has no side effects.

Pleasant and easy to use.

Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure or your money back.




Chronic Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain? Using SUNTOWN Acupuncture and Massage Machine will give you immediate pain relief and a marvelous result!

No needles  Acupuncture & Massage Machine, Unique  Medium Frequency gives Maximum Result!

The innovative

Suntown Acupuncture & Massage Machine

is the only equipment of its type that uses

Medium Frequency Electrical Pulses,

which go deeper into tissue than

Low Frequency, thus providing

superior healing results

We offer a 21 days satisfaction guarantee which starts from the day you receive the unit.  

Be Your Own Acupuncturist and Masseur with SAMM in the comfort of your own home or for health practitioners in your Clinic for your clients.

What is SAMM?

The Suntown Acupuncture and Massage Machine (SAMM) is a revolutionary invention based on traditional Chinese acupuncture and meridian massage (Tuina).  

  • Uses medium frequency pulsation technology

  • Applies acupuncture without needles

  • Automatic Chinese meridian massage

  • No side effects and is safe to use

  • Has deep penetration

  • Acts as anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling

  • Unblocks the clogged energy channels fast

  • Has single or twin channel applications which allow multiple points be worked on at once

  • Approved by TGA

This powerful and effective tool has been used in hospitals, clinics and peopleís private homes throughout China and Western countries for the past 15 years, with great successes, over 2 million users worldwide.


For many Australians, pain has become very ingrained into the way of life. As problem of pain continue to rise, , more and more people are turning to traditional forms of treatment to ease their suffering. One therapy that has captured the publicís attention over the last few years is acupuncture, which has been shown to provide considerable pain relief for a variety of conditions.

SAMM will help you easy and fast perform acupuncture and massage in your very own home or clinic. This wonderful tool is a great way for you to manage and treat pain at home. The more you use it, the more effective it is in bringing your condition under control. The right products for best results  

What SAMM can do?

Pain Relief

SAMM provides pain relief, improves function for people with Neck pain, Spine pain, Back pain , Low Back Pain,  Sciatica, Sprained ankle, Foot pain, arthritis Pain, knee Pain, Leg pain Bunion pain, Hip pain,  Carpal Tunnel Pain ,  frozen shoulder , tennis elbow, Ankle & Shin Pain, sports injury,  Menstrual pain, Stroke recovery, constipation, Headache, Anxiety disorders,  sinus, Foot massage .  General well-being,....and more...

Many people experienced back pain, acupuncture not only reduces pain, it also promotes the healing process by bringing a stronger flow of blood and energy (Qi) to the affected area..... 

 How does SAMM work?



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