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Acupuncture &


Machine, applies the same principles as the age old Chinese therapies of acupuncture and massage without piercing the skin. 

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SAMM Functions and Features

NEW RESPeRATE natural method for lowering blood pressure - clinically proven, FDA and TGA cleared medical device.

Clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure within 4 to 6 weeks.

Not a drug and has no side effects.

Pleasant and easy to use.

Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure or your money back.



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Health For All

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Health For All in Melbourne,  Australia, providing pain relief and health management with SAMM -  Suntown Acupuncture & Massage Machine, sales and training in world wide. 

Our satisfaction comes from gaining specialist knowledge about the health, fitness and welfare of others, gathering the means to improve that in each case - then seeing the results of our efforts when people heal, when things change for the better - and that way we build a client list that means something.

People share good news, and that is how we have done so well while we have been in Ashburton. Word of mouth advertising is the best there is - and we have enjoyed our clients telling their friends about our skills, knowledge, concern and our genuine interest in their health and welfare. That a product we promote would not achieve the purpose for anyone who comes to us - we say so. We advise properly and professionally rather just sell products and services.





Acupuncture Gets High Marks from Pain Specialists

Acupuncture Provides Pain Relief for Many Patients