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RESPeRATE  lower blood pressure.

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RESPeRATE is a breakthrough therapeutic breathing device
clinically proven to lower blood pressure.


  • Clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure within 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Not a drug and has no side effects.

  • Pleasant and easy to use.

  • Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure or your money back. 

Using RESPeRATEs interactive breathing exercise for just 15 minutes, 3-4 times
per week, delivers a significant all-day blood pressure reduction.


What is RESPeRATE?

RESPeRATE is the only FDA-cleared, non-drug, medical device clinically proven to lower high blood pressure with no side effects.

RESPeRATE utilizes a patented technology to deliver certain kinds of breathing exercises. When these exercises are performed for as little as 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week they have been shown to significantly lower blood pressure with no side effects.

These therapeutic breathing exercises are difficult to effectively perform without the interactive, personalized coaching that RESPeRATE provides.

How RESPeRATE Lowers Blood Pressure

RESPeRATE utilizes a patented technology to pace your breathing from the normal range of 14 to 19 breaths per minute to the "therapeutic zone" of under 10 breaths per minute.

Within a few minutes into the exercise the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels dilate [relax], thereby allowing blood to flow more freely, resulting in lower blood pressure. The RESPeRATE's pacing technology, enables you to perform these therapeutic breathing maneuvers effortlessly.

Your breathing returns to normal after each session but the beneficial impact on your blood pressure accumulates.

With regular use of the RESPeRATE significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure can be achieved.

Proven to Work

RESPeRATE has been written about in many leading medical journals, magazines, and books, including the American Heart Association's, "Hypertension Primer" and the Mayo Clinic's, "On High Blood Pressure".

RESPeRATE's therapeutic benefit was validated in six separate clinical studies, delivering an average reduction of 14/9.

Thousands of patients are using and witnessing the benefits of RESPeRATE.

Clinical Studies

A Strong Medical & Scientific Foundation

Guided by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board, InterCure, the maker of RESPeRATE, is committed to evidence-based medicine, clinical validation and a sound scientific foundation.

The Company has already demonstrated strong clinical validation for RESPeRATE. Clinical achievements for RESPeRATE, our non-drug medical device for lowering blood pressure, include:

The first and only medical device indicated for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension.

14/9 mmHg average sustained blood pressure reductions within 8 weeks.

No side effects, no drug interactions.

Results of six clinical trials were published in peer-reviewed medical journals. [1-5] .

RESPeRATE Reduces Severity of Hypertension

Each point represents the office systolic blood pressure (BP) of the 141 patients in the RESPeRATE treatment group



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Please note: RESPeRATE should only be used as part of your overall health program for achieving goal blood pressure, as recommended by your doctor. RESPeRATE can be safely used in conjunction with medication and lifestyle modification such as diet and exercise.

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 What Doctors and Patients Say About RESPeRATE

Dr. William Elliot

Our clinical study concluded that RESPeRATE is easy to use, did not have any side effects and delivered a significant blood pressure reduction."


RESPeRATE demonstrated significant blood pressure reduction - Dr. Elliot

"RESPeRATE has changed my life. When I retired from work my doctor discovered that I suffered from hypertension..."