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Paula, Chicago, Ill

RESPeRATE has changed my life.

When I retired from work my doctor discovered that I suffered from hypertension. My blood pressure was 210 over 110 which was just outrageous and my doctor immediately put me on medications. I was very scared because I knew high blood pressure could lead to stroke and so many other health problems.

After almost 20 years of consistently adhering to a medication regimen and a daily fitness program, my blood pressure was still high at least 165/88 mmHg so two years ago I entered a clinical trial for RESPeRATE at the Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center in Chicago.

At first I didn't believe it would really do anything, but I was completely won over. RESPeRATE did wonders for my blood pressure. By the end of the 8-week clinical trial, my blood pressure dropped down to an amazing 122/74 mmHg, something neither the medication nor the exercise had ever been able to do. After the trial ended I kept my RESPeRATE device and I have been using it every single day ever since.

I love RESPeRATE because it is the only thing that could finally get my blood pressure under complete control, and I also find it extremely relaxing. When I come home from the gym I have my shower and my lunch, then I sit down on the sofa and put my feet up and put my RESPeRATE on and just relax its just lovely. Its the best part of my day when I dont have to think about anything else and I can just enjoy those 15 minutes of breathing exercises.

It is such a relief to finally have my blood pressure at a normal level and to not have to constantly worry about all kinds of medical problems. I believe very strongly in the benefits of RESPeRATE; it has had a profound affect on my health and I plan to continue using it for a very long time. 

Sylvester, Chicago, Ill

I have a family history of blood pressure. Both my parents suffered from high blood pressure. Because I suffer from type 2 diabetes, I knew that even relatively mild hypertension greatly increases the risk of blindness, kidney failure, stroke and other serious conditions. When I discovered in my early 50s that my blood pressure was high, my doctor immediately prescribed medication to help control it, beginning what has become a lengthy quest to discover the most appropriate medication. Even after trying about five different medications, my blood pressure still averaged 157/92 mmHg.

I have never smoked and I made adjustments to my lifestyle to help improve my blood pressure, but I still found that I was unable to reduce my blood pressure to a safe range until I enrolled in a clinical trial for RESPeRATE, a non-drug medical device for the adjunctive treatment of high blood pressure at the Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago.

As I became familiar with the device I discovered that it decreased my blood pressure significantly. Over the course of the study, my blood pressure went from 157/92 mmHg to a much healthier 140/73 mmHg. I found the treatment enjoyable and a pleasant experience. I think the RESPeRATE is very helpful in controlling my blood pressure in a way that medication alone was unable to do. I find the breathing exercise with the RESPeRATE to be very pleasant and the overall benefits to be substantial. 

Vinton McCabe, Connecticut

I have been battling hypertension for the better part of three years. In that time, I have gone from doctor to doctor, medical philosophy to medical philosophy, but nothing, neither allopathic drugs nor homeopathic remedies ever managed to lower my blood pressure below150/90.

Further, my hypertension was labeled "labile", or erratic. In my case, that meant that by blood pressure would surge as high as 220/110, apparently without cause. It also meant that the blood pressure as measured in each arm could be as far as twenty or more points apart.

In early December, 2003, I visited a renowned cardiologist, who suggested to me that my blood pressure might be caused by a tumor on my adrenal gland. Although this was statistically highly unlikely, he strongly suggested that I have a test that, for around $2,000, could determine whether or not the tumor existed.

I literally thought at this point that I was at the end. I knew that, because of my high blood pressure, I was in a constant state of risk for stroke, but, because of my high blood pressure (which had, ironically, been discovered during a health insurance exam), no company would sell me health insurance. And three years of doctors visits, tests, etc, had emptied my bank account. When I said that I could not afford another test, the cardiologist shrugged and said that I could, if I wanted, put it off for awhile.

After that consultation, I went home and got on the internet, determined to research high blood pressure as completely as possible, in order to find some solution that the doctors had missed. What I found at the Google site was a link to Resperate. Since the link promised relief from high blood pressure without medication, without side effects, I visited the site. And what I found made sense. Given my background in alternative medicine, I was immediately impressed that someone had apparently found a means to taming high blood pressure by re- training patients in something as simple as breathing. Because I knew that a yoga class can certainly lower blood pressure for a time, it made perfect sense to me that a "yoga class in a box" could have the same effect.

So I ordered the RESPeRATE.

And its impact upon my life and health have been amazing. I found that the breathing exercises lowered my blood pressure almost from the start. And that the deepening and slowing of my breathing also had a centering and calming effect as well. Very soon I found that I looked forward to my time with the RESPeRATE.

But most important, I found almost from the first day that the RESPeRATE breathing technique not only lowered my blood pressure, but it also made it less erratic, more steady. And, over time, the acute effect of the RESPeRATE lengthened and deepened. Where at first my blood pressure would lower for two or three hours after I exercised, over the weeks, the period of lowered blood pressure would last longer and longer, until this "RESPeRATE effect" became the norm.

My blood pressure decreased from a high "normal of 170/l00 to 120/80. In fact, my blood pressure has, in the past three months, become so low that my doctor has, on two occasions, lowered the amount of my medication. This morning, my blood pressure measured 117/76. And this level has now become my norm. And, just as important, the blood pressure as measured in each arm now seldom varies more than two or three points.

In addition to this, the breathing pattern set my the RESPeRATE has also regulated my pulse, which used to be in a state of constant elevation in the high 80s. Now it regularly measures at a calm 76-80. In his last evaluation, my doctor commented that I now have the blood pressure and pulse of an athlete. For a middle-aged man who is struggling to lose weight as he works to quiet his hypertension, this is high praise indeed.

I don't really know how I can sufficiently praise your product. The fact that it not only fulfills on its promise to safely and effectively lower high blood pressure is most certainly enough. But the fact that it actually exceeds all product claims, by being a device that, in my experience, enhances the health in every way, is just extraordinary.

Day after day, I find myself improved in every way at the end of my Resperate session. Often I find that I experience my most creative problem solving by simply relaxing and breathing deeply. Always I find myself to be relaxed, centered and ready to face the day. I now cannot imagine facing a day without the RESPeRATE any more than I could imagine one without food or sleep.

Thanks to your product, I no longer have to fear the blood pressure cuff. The "white coat syndrome is gone. I now can enjoy the security of knowing that, day after day, my blood pressure is safe and steady. I now have the goal that, with continued weight loss, exercise and the RESPeRATE, I will one day be able to fully control my blood pressure without medication of any sort.

I only wish that every one of the millions of Americans who face the challenge and fear of hypertension could get their hands on the RESPeRATE. The fact that it can be so effective to patients with the very worst sort of high blood pressure, erratic, surging hypertension is so very important. And the fact that it can, as far as I can understand, assist all patients with high blood pressure, to lower that blood pressure, to calm the heartbeat and to relax the patient is most important of all. If there's anything I can do to help you get the word out, just let me know. 


J.P, Ph.D., Pennsylvania

I have been using the RESPeRATE since August 2003 and have seen significant improvement in my blood pressure. I have been on a regimen of blood pressure medication for many years but have not had dramatic results until I began using the RESPeRATE in combination with medications.

It is satisfying to be personally more pro-active in managing my high blood pressure, especially when using the RESPeRATE is so easy and pleasant to use. My doctor was enthusiastic over my BP reading during a recent visit and has recommended the RESPeRATE to several of his patients.  


Michael W., South Carolina

I am a 44 year old male who has had problems with my blood pressure that date back to my early twenties. On average, my blood pressure would be 160/100 and would not go down even if I sat still for an hour. I had been on medications in the past but they robbed me of energy and I just could not function on them. Approximately one month ago I was admitted into the hospital with blood pressure of 180/115 and they lowered it before they would release me.

At that point I began to search for anything that could help. I am very active and watch what I eat. I also walk and run every night and I am not overweight. I am just one of the unlucky ones that has a family history of high blood pressure. I had tried other products with zero luck until I found RESPeRATE.

I would not have believed the results had I not read the measurements with my own two eyes. Although I was on medication at the time, my blood pressure was still averaging 150/90 on a good day. After a few weeks of using RESPeRATE, my blood pressure dropped to 120-130/80-86. This product works. That I know! 


Harry, New York, USA

I'm a 32-year-old male who was diagnosed with hypertension three years ago, with a blood pressure reading of 150/95 plus. I exercised regularly, walking and weight lifting three times a week. I have a classic Type A personality. My job is high-pressure and my work life tends to be stressful. I also travel extensively. To top it all off, I have a family history of heart disease and high blood pressure.

I started using RESPeRATE four months ago. My blood pressure is now down to 120/75. I use it four times a week for 15 minutes at a time. I enjoy using the product; it relaxes me and the time goes by quickly. I use it at work, on the train during my commute and take it with me when I travel. It's great to use while flying. I'm a busy person but it's easy enough to find the time to use this device. RESPeRATE is a great complement to diet and exercise in controlling high blood pressure. I highly recommend it!

Rose, Tel-Aviv, Israel

I'm feeling back to my old self. I am 70-years-old. I have a family history of hypertension, but I was not aware that this was a problem for me until 1995.

At that time, I was diagnosed with hypertension after experiencing a series of fainting spells. I was in and out of the Emergency Room and I was really scared! I had to change my lifestyle. I stopped exercising and couldn't be as active as I wanted to be. I became very worried about my health. My blood pressure at that time was in the range of 160-200/80-90 mmHg. The hospital physician prescribed antihypertensive medication for me. I tried more "natural therapies," including a change in my diet, but these efforts did not have a dramatic effect on my blood pressure and my hypertension was still uncontrolled.

In 1998, however, I visited my family doctor who recommended a new device he had just heard of -- the RESPeRATE.

I was happy to hear about a new approach for treating high blood pressure that was not a drug and had no side effects, yet was clinically proven to work. My husband, who happens to be a scientist, was intrigued by the product and encouraged me to try it. I am so glad I did! It changed my life. It did not happen overnight, but within just a few weeks my blood pressure started going down. My blood pressure is now stable at around 135-140/70-80 mmHg. My blood pressure is under control and I am back to my old self.

I have been using RESPeRATE for almost two years now, and I highly recommend it to anyone with high blood pressure! I thank InterCure for saving me. 

Michael, Milano, Italy

RESPeRATE Helps Me Control My Hypertension.
I was diagnosed with hypertension a little more than one year ago at the age of 46. I am a smoker and I work long hours in a high-stress environment. Stopping smoking was out of the question! I just couldn't do it! I am not overweight but I don't enjoy exercise. I began using RESPeRATE when I heard about it through friends. I thought this was easy enough to use, and definitely worth a try. The device is very simple to use and its small size makes it possible to take along with me on my frequent business trips.

I have been using RESPeRATE daily for over a year, and measuring my blood pressure regularly. Within a month of starting to use the device, my blood pressure decreased by 20 mmHg systolic and 15 mmHg diastolic. I couldn't have been more pleased. At one point during the year, other personal problems distracted me from my goal and I stopped using the RESPeRATE device for ten days. During that period my blood pressure increased by 20 mmHg systolic and 10 mmHg diastolic. But when I returned to regular use, I was able to achieve the same decline as before.

All in all, I am very thankful for the RESPeRATE treatment, which has made it possible for me to maintain my blood pressure around 140/90 mmHg without any special change in lifestyle.