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Machine, applies the same principles as the age old Chinese therapies of acupuncture and massage without piercing the skin. 

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SAMM-SUNTOWN Acupuncture and Massage Machine Clinical Trail (1) PR CHINA

 By Dr Yang Shuyuan

SUNTOWN Acupuncture and Massage Machines have been used in the surgical electrotherapeutic department in the Navy General hospital of China People's Liberation Army since June 1991. In a short span of 3 months, 107 patients had been treated, 100 cases with full medical records. All these cases fall into four categories. A total effective rate of 97% has been achieved, in which clearly effective rates remain at 55% and effective rates at 42%.

107 patients that were involved - 36 of which were men, and 71 women - in the treatment. The common clinical symptom diagnosis for these patients were pain numbness, edema and functional disturbance, etc. 

Standard of treatment Effect:

1. clear effect: Symptoms vanish, and function resumes to a normal state.

2. effective: Symptoms reduce, and function partially returns.

3. ineffective: Symptoms remain unchanged after treatment.

(state as below)


Diagnosis Cases



Effective  Ineffective







Hyperosteogeny of Knee


Cervical Spondylopathy

Hyperosteogeny of Lumbar Vertebrae

35 18 16 1 51% 97%

Lumbar Strain.

Febricities of the Back Muscle

Costo cartilaginous



46 27 17 2 59% 95%

Joint Sprain

Soft Tissue Injury

11 6 5   55% 100%
Others 8 4 4   50% 100%
Total 100 55 42 3 55% 97%
Suspension of Treatment 7          



(1) Wu Chunyong, aged 55, had a week lasting pain which worsened with cold on his right shoulder with confined joint activities and induced sleepless nights, it was diagnosed as periarthritis of the shoulder. Symptoms lightened distinctively after the third treatment with SAMM and vanished after the fifth treatment. Functions returned to normal.

(2) Guo Lisheng, aged 64, suffered from periarthritis of shoulder on right side for half a year with restricted movement of upper limbs. Pain was subsiding after one treatment, and disappeared after six treatments. Patient could enjoy pain free activities.

(3) Zhao Kuiqin, aged 46, was troubled by left shoulder pain and limited activities of upper limbs for one year. X ray examination showed stenosis of the 2nd & 5th cervicovertebral canal. She felt good after one treatment and could move upper arms freely. Pain vanished after one treatment session.

(4) Qingzhi, aged 51, had stricture of 4-5 cervicospinal canal and distending pain on head. Pain was released after the 9th treatment.

Brief Summary:

Clinical observations have proved that SAMM is safe and reliable. Unfavorable reactions such as pain or hot sensation, allergy or other discomforts have not been found. It is easily accepted by patients as it is very effective to promote channels and collaterals. An ideal result can be achieved on acute, chronic diseases. One or a few courses of treatment can also make some old, stubborn diseases under control or alleviated, and improve clinical symptoms.

Two-ways output instrument, which is flexible and convenient for large and middle sized hospital, is called for as practically four-channel output SAMM occupy more beds and wire are scattered long.

A few months' observation was carried out by the leading cadres and doctors of our institute under close coordination, plus designers' great effect, SAMM has achieved complete success on clinical probation, Its good curative effect on relieving pain gains high remarks.






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