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How Does SAMM Work?

Most treatment machines in todayís market tend to use low frequency as a cheaper method for pain relief.

However, most patients experience considerable discomfort in the superficial tissues (i.e. the skin) when one tries to penetrate deeper into the treatment area by increasing the intensity. This is because the resistance of the skin doesnít allow deep penetration of low frequency wave treatment, and an increase in low frequency intensity can also cause the skin to become inflamed.       

Fig. 1 shows that low frequency waves do not penetrate deeply enough to allow for effective treatment due to skin resistance.  

The lower the frequency, the higher the skinís resistance is (Resistance=1 / Frequency). However, if you increase the frequency to, say, over 1000Hz, resistance is reduced considerably, (due to human body or skin has capacity effect) and more waves can penetrate to deeper areas of the body, and there is less superficial discomfort to the body.

Fig 2 Shows that medium frequency waves can overcome skin resistance and penetrate a lot more deeply into the treatment area.

SAMM has been designed to overcome the problems of discomfort caused by low-frequency currents, while maintaining the therapeutic effects. 

So SAMM uses a medium frequency carrier to modulated treatment  waveform.  The medium frequency carrier waveform penetrates the skin more deeply than a regular Low frequency unit with less discomfort for a given level of stimulation. 

Scientific investigations have already proved that medium frequency can treat pain relief.  Normally physiotherapists use medium frequency machines to treat the injury area only, but SAMM not only uses medium frequency to help relief pain which sometimes are the symptom but also carrier acupuncture waveform to treat the cause, it uses Traditional Chinese acupuncture theories to stimulate the acupuncture meridian line in order to rebalance Yin and Yang and make the treatment more efficient. This in turn produces a far better result than just treating the area of injury.

 SAMM technology is registered under the P.R. Chinese patent number :91189535

Chinese Medical Administration register Number: (93)226017

SAMM using medium frequency technology to achieve the best result.