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Acupuncture &


Machine, applies the same principles as the age old Chinese therapies of acupuncture and massage without piercing the skin. 

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SAMM Functions and Features

NEW RESPeRATE natural method for lowering blood pressure - clinically proven, FDA and TGA cleared medical device.

Clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure within 4 to 6 weeks.

Not a drug and has no side effects.

Pleasant and easy to use.

Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure or your money back.




Whenever we have asked for feedback from clients who have used SAMM, we have learnt that it has worked to achieve their purpose. They also tell their friends about their recoveries or vast improvements in their condition and that is of course the best form of advertising there is. 

These are just some reactions from people local to us who have either bought or used SAMM to attend to their individual issues. But there are thousands of most impressive comments and forms of response internationally to the use of the Suntown Acupuncture and Massage Machine. This is not wishful thinking-it is based on fact and genuine healing of an amazing list of ailments, sicknesses and medical problems. you will experience the same form of automatic promotion that comes from a successful product doing more than is expected of it in each recorded case. And the reality of the product as a massage machine at the end of a long, hard day-invaluable.

Trish & Emily Vic. Australia

Thank you for your guidance and support.  Emily and I would like to express our gratitude for the help you have given us with the use of the Acupuncture machine.  I have used it for about three weeks with remarkable success and now have no tennis elbow pain at all. Using the machine regularly has helped me with improved Lymphatic drainage and circulation in my legs.

Emily uses the machine for general well-being and her chronic fatigue symptoms have had a marked improvement.  There are so many applications to explore.  We are trying the foot area at present, I shall let you know how this goes.

Once again many thanks for your support.


Denise Di Sisto Vic Australia 

I was suffering with a lot of stiffness and pain due to a lower lumbar disc bulge. Five months after my diagnosis and ongoing rehabilitation therapy, I cam across the Suntown Acupuncture and Massage Machine(SAMM). After two weeks of using the SAMM, I feel that it has definitely speed up the healing process as well as providing immediate relief. Furthermore, it is also proving very beneficial in providing me with relief from my occasional anxiety and insomnia. Other members in the family have also fund immediate relief from pain using the SAMM, my husband and 22 years old daughter both used the SAMM to treat a stiff and sore neck and shoulder, and both had the same comment "I Actually do feel better".  My sister in law used it to treat her knee in which she had pain from old injury. She was amazed at the immediate relief that she experienced saying that all the pain had gone. 

The SAMM Acupuncture & Massage Machine is improving the general health and wellbeing of my whole family and helping us to function much better on a daily basis. 


Choral (Australia) had a dreadful pain in her cheek that just kept getting worse. Eating and including in her favourite thing- singing – were most painful. But after just 5 sessions with SAMM….

“The pain has gone completely”

 Now she is using SAMM to Track down a couple of other health challenges.

Thank you for introducing


G.Barbara Puszko BHsc, ND, RN,   Wellbeing and Longevity Centre Vic Australia 

Thank you for introducing me to this fantastic acupuncture/massage equipment.  

Now I can help even more people to relieve them of their pain, stiffness, constipation, digestive system problems, assist in weight loss and many more. I am using the SAMM with almost all my clients with immediate pain relief after the first visit in some clients.  

In my opinion every health practitioner who wants to help their client in a quick and affordable way should use SAMM in their practice.

Nicky Celani, Diploma Remedial Therapy, South Australia 

I purchased a Suntown Needless acupuncture machine from Health For All, in November 2005. it is often  used in my treatments and I have found it to be very effective treating muscular and nerve related injuries.  







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