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Machine, applies the same principles as the age old Chinese therapies of acupuncture and massage without piercing the skin. 

The right products for best results
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SAMM Functions and Features

NEW RESPeRATE natural method for lowering blood pressure - clinically proven, FDA and TGA cleared medical device.

Clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure within 4 to 6 weeks.

Not a drug and has no side effects.

Pleasant and easy to use.

Guaranteed to lower your blood pressure or your money back.



The right products for best results  

It is important that you choose the right product if you want the best result. The right product should be/have:

  1. SAMM is easy to use. This is a needle-less acupuncture machine, so you do not need the acupuncture knowledge as professional people do. It use electrical pads which can automatic find the acupuncture points as long as you put the pads in the right place according the user reference book. SAMM comes with a user reference book compiled from 15 years of clinical research in China. It is simple to understand, with lots of reference images to help in treatments. SAMM is very easy to use.


  1. SAMM has no side effects. SAMM uses medium frequency technology which has been proved to have no side effects. 


  1. SAMM is Convenient. This machine has been previously designed for hospital use only, but has now been released for the home user to provide the same professional-level of treatment at home. Now, with SAMM, you can treat your conditions any time anywhere in the house, even while you are watching TV or reading your favorite books.


  1. SAMM is safe to use. It is approved by TGA in Australia.  A no-needle acupuncture device also makes SAMM hygienic in each treatment.


  1. SAMM treatment is pain free. Most people will experience psychological discomfort in the presence of a needle while having an acupuncture treatment. With SAMM this is not a problem at all. SAMM is a needle-less device, therefore you do not need to worry too much about needle-related issues.


  1.  SAMM has Multi-functions. There are seven acupuncture treatment settings , 10 massage treatment setting, an unlimited intensity controller and a timer for treatment durations. There are many accessories that can help the patient solve different maladies.


  1. Effective! Yes SAMM is also very effective. It has a successful treatment history of 15 years in Chinese clinics and homes. It has sold over a million units, with positive and remarkable results. SAMM is still being used in hospitals and clinics all around China today for back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, and general pain relief.


  1. SAMM not only is successful in pain relief, but is effective in treating many other conditions. SAMM works on the Chinese Meridian Line, which helps you to treat the cause, and no the symptoms. It unblocks qi channels, allowing effective nutrition absorption in affected area for a quicker recovery.


  1. SAMM can not only help you achieve instant pain relief, but has positive long-lasting results in health benefits.


  1. Make a smart choice; get SAMM. Not only does it help with your health problems, it is also extremely cost effective. It saves you going to costly specialist sessions, and you can treat any member of your family without the worry of traveling long distances.


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